"The earth gives us food to nourish our bodies, and we prepare the food with love to feed our souls and we serve it with compassion to make us whole." -Le Tresor Pistoulet

What’s in the Basket?

What’s in the Basket this Week?

Even though shares will not be officially available for sale until the 2013 season, I have been busy working in the garden.  Since this is my first year growing anything on these soils, I wanted 2012 to be a learning experience for me.  I want to see what grows well and what I might still need to amend.

Things have been busy for me at the garden.  With the early warm weather, many crops are in ahead of schedule.  We would have had broccoli and cauliflower this week if the caterpillars had not gotten a hold of them before I could stop them.  We are not the only ones who understand the health benefits of those vegetables.  For more details on that story, go to ‘Adventures of a Country Gal’ and read “The Not So Glamorous Life”.  Might give you a good laugh.  I will be ready for the caterpillars next year…


Other than the broccoli and cauliflower, we have been harvesting sugar snap peas, beets, carrots and zucchini.  I also have some early tomatoes, pickling cucumbers and frying peppers.  We won’t have a steady harvest of those until a little later, but its exciting to see them coming!  I also saw some tiny eggplant and squash coming on the plants.  The kohlrabi bulbs are still holding up well in the refrigerator – I had one today, it was delicious!  I think I harvested those three weeks ago.  The zucchini plants are about to explode, so if you all have any recipe ideas, please share them!

Well, that’s it for this week. I will continue to keep you updated on what’s in the basket. If you decide to become a member of our 2013 CSA, this will give you an idea of what you might find in your baskets each corresponding week.

Have a joy filled week!

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