"The earth gives us food to nourish our bodies, and we prepare the food with love to feed our souls and we serve it with compassion to make us whole." -Le Tresor Pistoulet

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture

What is a CSA?

A CSA is a way for consumers to buy local seasonal food from a farmer that they know.  But, joining a CSA is about so much more than just the produce.

Joining a CSA is about Health

When you join a CSA you are making a choice about how your food is grown.  Most CSA’s, including ours use sustainable, natural farming practices so that your food contains the most possible nutrients without all of the harmful chemicals.  Not only is that good for our bodies, but also for the environment that we live in.  Being a member of a CSA also allows us to reconnect with the natural rhythms of nature by eating produce when it is in season.  So much of the produce that we consume today, especially in the winter months, is picked “green”, before it has the chance to develop all the natural sugars and nutrients.  In many cases, it is then processed to give the appearance of “ripened” fruit.  And almost always, it is shipped long distances – adding pollution to our environment.  So, when you join a CSA you are not only doing something healthy for yourself but for the environment that you live in.

Joining a CSA is about Ecology

The soil is a living thing and is the basis of all human life.  Maintaining the quality of the soil is not only important for us who depend on the food it currently produces, but also for those who will depend on the soil in the future.  Sustainable and natural farming practices, which are utilized by most CSA’s place great focus on soil fertility and enrichment.  When you join a CSA you are not only supporting your local farmer and your community, but the Earth as a whole.

Joining a CSA is about Seasons and Community

There is something innately natural about being connected to the seasons.  Life is so busy that sometimes it seems that a whole season will pass without much notice or appreciation for what that season holds.  Joining a CSA will make you more consciously aware of the seasonal changes through the foods that you will receive.  At times, we may hold seasonal events at the farm, such as a harvest festival or summer cookout, where our shareholders would be invited to come and celebrate a particular season with us.  There is great joy in slowing down a little and paying attention to nature’s gifts.

When you join a CSA you will also be meeting other people who share similar interests, at least with respect to healthy foods.  Shareholders are  encouraged to share their stories, recipes and ideas for preparing, cooking and preserving the harvest.

How does a CSA work?

A CSA is essentially a “harvest share” program.  The farmer plans, plants and tends to the farm while the shareholders pay for their “share” of the harvest.  Shareholders sign on for one year (or growing season) and usually pay in advance for their “share”.  In return, the shareholder will receive each week during the growing season a box of produce which was ready to be harvested during that particular week.  The shareholder shares in the benefit of any surplus crop, but also shares in the unlikely risk of crop failure.  Boxes of produce will be picked up at the farm on one of two designated days.  Each week, on our interactive website we will post what’s in the box for the week and share recipes and ideas for preparation of the vegetables/fruit.  Of course, we encourage our members to share their recipes too!

What types of vegetables/fruit will we receive?

We will be growing a variety of vegetables and melons with a focus on the basic foods that we all know and love.  There may be a few vegetables that you are not as familiar with, but hopefully you will find them delicious!

The following list will give you an idea of the types of produce you can expect:

Arugula Asparagus Basil Beets Broccoli Brussels sprouts
Cabbage Cantaloupe Carrots Cauliflower Celery Cucumbers
Eggplant Fennel Green Beans Greens Herbs Kohlrabi
Leeks Onions Peas (snap) Peppers Potatoes Radishes
Rhubarb Salad Greens Spinach Squash Sweet Corn Sweet Potato
Tomatoes Turnips Watermelon Zucchini

*  This list is for illustration purposes and may or may not include every item.

Is a CSA right for you?

Do you eat in more than you eat out and enjoy cooking?  Are you an adventurous eater and willing to try new things?  Do you like vegetables?  Then a CSA might be a good choice for you.  It can be very exciting to be a part of a CSA and receive a box of fresh goodies every week.

However, during peak times, your box will be filled with a lot of produce.  Does your schedule allow for this?  Do you have time to come to the farm every week and pick up your share?  A CSA is not about cheap produce – so if you are looking solely for a bargain, this may not be the best choice for you.  That is not to say that our prices would not be competitive with supermarket prices, but our goals are to grow the most nutritious produce while caring for the environment – not producing produce as inexpensively as possible.

The benefits of joining a CSA are many.   Joining a CSA is a season long commitment, so please make a well informed decision before you sign up.


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