"The earth gives us food to nourish our bodies, and we prepare the food with love to feed our souls and we serve it with compassion to make us whole." -Le Tresor Pistoulet

Adventures of a Country Gal

“Stop the Insanity”

  Does anyone remember the crazily enthusiastic, bleached blond, buzzed hair cut woman who used to put her hands on her head and shout, “Stop the Insanity”?  She was part of the “fat will make you fat” weight loss/fitness craze back in the day.  Not quite sure […]

When Stinky Manure Turns into Sweet Smellin Compost

  Hello?  Is anyone out there?  Gosh, I’ve been buried underneath a pile of poo-poo for some time now and I’m just managing to dig myself out.  When I started my blog, I felt that I was getting to the top of the heap then.  Little did […]

The Moral of the Story

Last evening Steve and I and my mom went out to dinner with some family that was in town – my brother Rick, my Aunt Jeanie and my Uncle Rich.  Visiting with my family usually includes lots of storytelling and laughter and last night was no exception.  […]

The Not So Glamorous Life

I stood and looked out over my garden – the sun was waning and casting a beautiful light onto the plants.  They looked healthy and vibrant, the cool weather crops would be ready to harvest soon and all of the summer crops were coming along great.  It had […]

Country Gal Travels to the Windy City

It was a typical winter day in February and my daughter Mariah and I were headed to Chicago with some very dear friends of ours, for a cheer competition.  My daughter used to do competitive cheer with her friend Faith and that is how Karla and I […]

That funny thing called life

Last summer and fall I spent a lot of time out in the fields tilling the dirt. I have a little tractor and it is a big field – so I would divide it up into sections and just go back and forth and back and forth and […]

The Sheriff is in Town

It was a beautiful, early fall evening and a great night for a ride so I loaded up my youngest daughter and my smallest dog Red Bear in the golf cart and we headed out.  Yes – I said golf cart….Now, a golf cart is probably not […]

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