"The earth gives us food to nourish our bodies, and we prepare the food with love to feed our souls and we serve it with compassion to make us whole." -Le Tresor Pistoulet
Adventures of a Country Gal

The Sheriff is in Town

It was a beautiful, early fall evening and a great night for a ride so I loaded up my youngest daughter and my smallest dog Red Bear in the golf cart and we headed out.  Yes – I said golf cart….Now, a golf cart is probably not the image that comes to mind when you think of a country gal, but this country gal has a golf cart.  We live near a golf course and my husband is a golf nut, so naturally we have a golf cart, right?  Seems strange, I know.  I must admit though, that the golf cart is a pretty cool ride and a great way to run my lab puppy!  That is another story and something you have to see…

Mr. Red Bear

Did I mention that the farm is by the golf course too?  If I head out of the neighborhood, down the golf course’s maintenance path, past the maintenance building, over to the side street, I’m right there.  I love this – it’s a pretty awesome way to get to work!

So anyway, that evening, the three of us headed down the path towards the farm.  I wanted to go and check on things – at this point there wasn’t much to look at, just a big dirt field, but nonetheless I wanted to look at it anyway.  On the way over, as we were getting close, we heard gun shots.  I said to my daughter, “Let’s go see if we can see anything.”  I had decided that if I saw any hunters I would just ask them politely to leave the property.  We followed my worn path out a little bit into the field and looked to see if we could see anyone.  As we were looking around there was a poof of dirt that went up about ten feet in front of us.  In my naivete, I said, “Oh, look Carissa…did you see that dirt?  Oh, look there it goes again and again.”  Then it dawned on me…they were shooting at us!  Holy crap, they were shooting at us.  So I backed the golf cart up slowly, giving the evil eye to whoever was doing the shooting.  I headed back over to the maintenance building, out of view from the shooters and called the police.  How dare they shoot at me, my six year old daughter and my dog…and on my land!  I began having vigilante visions of chasing down whoever thought it would be funny to shoot at us.  Can you see it now?  Me, in my golf cart racing up the hillside?  A short time after I made the call, a very nice police officer called me back on my cell phone and said, “Ma’am, did you know that dove season just opened and people are probably out hunting.”  I responded calmly, “Well I wouldn’t mind the gun shots so much if they weren’t aimed at me!”  About ten minutes later, three police cars showed up, talked to me for a moment and took off in search for the would-be shooters.  But, the only folks they found in the area were some paint-ball people standing around with paint ball guns.  The police thought it had to have been a rifle that shot at us and not a paint-ball gun because of the distance between the hillside and my land.

Now, I was more angry than scared.  It was obvious to me that they were toying with us, because if they wanted to shoot us they could have.  I was not amused.  I was going to show them.  The next day I went out to the farm, armed with all of the protection trinkets I could find.  I drove around the entire farm, chanting my protection spells and hexing all trespassers.  There, that would teach them!  Who knows what harm would befall these jokesters now!

The following day I was out tilling the land and noticed that I was being joined by a group of mocking birds.  There were about nine of them and they were hanging out really close to the tractor which I thought was pretty unusual.  And then I remembered a story my friend Gerry had told me about a mocking bird in her backyard, who she and her husband had nicknamed the sheriff.  They called this bird that because they had watched how he/she kept all the other birds in the yard in order.

Could it be?  Now everything made more sense to me.  My protection spell was working!  I had nine sheriffs that arrived that day and they have been at the farm ever since.

You all may be laughing and thinking I am a little crazy, but since the sheriffs have arrived, there have been no other shootings!  There really is magic in life – sometimes you just have to pay attention.

All is well.

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